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Stunning and Brilliant Events Reviews

from our clients!

Love Letters

Chicago Event Planner

Bridget + Andy

Perfect. Start to finish. Top to bottom. Everything. Absolutely perfect. Greatest wedding ever. We are stuck in an endless glow about how perfect and magnificent it was, down to the most minute detail. Thank you. You are incredible.

Chicago Event Planner

Alex + Mike

We all have been reliving the events of the fabulous weekend uniting Mike and Alex!! It was beyond everything and more of what we wanted for them! Full of love, friendship and fun!!!

You have been so generous in giving Alex and Mike the credit of making good decisions and being organized to pull everything together. However, it is the person behind the scenes that makes everything happen - we all know it! and you did it! and seemingly with barely a hiccup! S rarity in the world of weddings and big events!


The BEST decision Alex and Mike made was to hire you!! You efficiently, quietly and patiently guided Alex and Mike and handled all from behind the curtain to pull off a beautiful affair that will lend to a lifetime of memories for many, but most of all for our family and Alex and Mike!! I will keep your name and your professional skills in my pocket and at the tip of my tongue. If there is ever anything I can do for you please do not hesitate to ask. It goes without saying, I would be willing to recommend you highly! Again, THANK YOU!

Chicago Event Planner

Amy + Michael

Now that all the “confetti” has settled and we can reflect on the wedding with a rested mind, we want to thank you so so much for all your work, energy, organization and attention to detail!  No one was stressed leading up to the event because you were on the case!  Because of all your efforts, our family was able to thoroughly enjoy ourselves the night of the wedding!   Amy and I have said over and over again (and again yesterday) that “Lauren was worth every penny!”  We have nothing but wonderful compliments for you and your business!  Congrats on forming a business that is clearly your passion and expertise! 

Chicago Event Planner

Ali + Ryan

If you're looking for a wedding planner and you've found Lauren, stop looking. You're done with your search. Lauren is the absolute best to work with and if she's available, you have nothing else to worry about.We believe she stands among the best of Chicago wedding planners! Lauren is someone that goes above and beyond for her clients. Lauren is also an incredibly creative force. Beyond my wife stating multiple times she wants to steal Lauren's outfits, it was clear that she had a great eye for design and fun ideas to offer that best fit our vibe as a couple. She came up with so many little creative solutions to make our wedding special and beautiful. She managed to do all of this at an extremely reasonable price as well so it never impacted our budget! Lauren was exactly the support we needed to enjoy the wedding planning process and know we were taken care of. She exudes confidence and keeps her clients calm in the most stressful situations. We truly believe we could not have done this without specifically Lauren as our planner and we recommend her to anyone who is looking for an amazing planner who will be there for you and make sure everything is executed flawlessly. Stop looking and go with Lauren because you will not find anyone better!

Chicago Event Planner

Rasheed + Serra

Lauren has been amazing! She goes out of her way to help with anything that goes into making sure your wedding is the way you imagined it. She is very responsive, resourceful, kind, hardworking, and thoughtful. From the moment we hired her, she lifted a major burden off our shoulders and diligently took care of our wedding items. She was so good at solving problems that her name has become a joke among us. When we encounter a problem we say "Let's call Lauren!" because she'll take care of it. We are so happy that we worked with her. She made our wedding day very special, enjoyable, and fun.  Do yourself a favor and hire her!

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